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Our spaces & lifestyle are a response to the ways in which people live, work, play and be JOYful

First of all we are people

This is our home and we have to live in this house, In the most comfortable way possible

We need the house to suit our needs and serve us. Rooms should be arranged as we should,

Let the house make us happy.

When we get home we'll feel we're back home, that we're happy. When we go abroad we want to go home because it's ours!

It is the credo of JOY architects.



The studio is headed by architect

Julia Oria Shlomenzon

A graduate of the B.ARCH degree and with 8 years of experience in leading architecture and real estate offices in the country.

Julia is an expert in the overall picture in both the planning and the economic-profit aspects of the project. Knows how to create the maximum benefit from any project and fully tailor the client's needs, with a minimum budget and regularly takes care of saving the customer money.

Julia also owns                    blog about real estate research and urban life documentation in the various spaces.


June 2017 A single exhibition of Instagram photos in the Tel Aviv gallery. Exhibition and curatorial production in collaboration with Farjay Perry.

May 2017 Participation in the exhibition and the "Design Signal 2017" competition and reached the final stage with the final project.

April 2017 Participation in a group exhibition "Urbanica- City Life" in the "Zahazze Architecture Gallery".

2016 present "The landscape architecture of Lawrence Halprin" Participation in project + group exhibition in memory of Halperin, USA.

August 2016 Group exhibition "StreetPhotography" at the Jaffa Port Gallery

December 2015 - Group exhibition "Abstract" at the Jaffa Port Gallery.

August 2015 Alumni Exhibition of the School of Architecture at the Amiad Center in Jaffa.

August 2012  Alumni and outstanding exhibition of the School of Architecture at the Amiad Center in Jaffa.

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