The city has a rhythm

Its starts as a unanimous harmony, and then something happens

And then the river shows up and it all seems so distorted all of the sudden.

But what if the river would have continued to flow – with the same bit above it?

Ad what if the permeation was as if a professional DJ just changed the record? In such a soft and harmonic combination between two songs that it almost feels natural, inspiring and exciting all at once.


Well, this is the main IDEA and focus of my project. It is about that bit, that city, that street.

It is about Ibn Gvirol's intersection and interaction with the Yarkon River to be exact.

In this project we will discover together what is the phenomena of the DUREE, what is the significance of this phenomena in understanding the main bit of the Ibn Gvirol street, why Tel Aviv, why Ibn Gvirol. We will also discover what happens when we reach the river which crosses and divides the city into two disconnected and so different and diverse parts.

And above all we will discover – how can we use the Durree and the bit to combine and merge the two parts of the city into one harmonic, continuous creation for the city's habitants.

מקצב התנועות ברחוב