BAY San Francisco

The centerpiece of the Bay Area, San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the world, and with good reason. The cultural center of northern California, San Francisco is renowned for its mixture of scenic beauty and unique culture that makes it one of the most vibrant and desirable cities in the nation, if not the world.


This distinctive and dynamic city, known for its culture and activism, is therefore the perfect place for the unique Infinity international space for cultural exchange which is the Bay Book House.


This new Infinity shaped Culture and Knowledge center will become the new iconic meeting place for the diverse population of the city and its many guests. From students and researchers, to the growing population of the high-tech industry to the every-day resident of the SF city – all can find their spot, themselves and new friends in this center.

The unique shape of the Infinity building represents the unique topography of the city with its hills and valleys, so that those who walk in the building and on the rooftop can continue to experience the city throughout their visit, while enjoying a scenic view of the city which will exteriorize them to open their mind and absorb the knowledge available to them between the walls of the building and in the streets of the city itself.

Inside the building the visitors can find themselves one moment in the Library searching for the answer to their long-lost questions; or find themselves in the Knowledge Exchange Center passionately talking with a fellow knowledge explorer who they just met about the philosophies of existence; they can breathe the fresh Bay air and enjoy the scenic view of the city on the Open Air Reading Areas and Gardens; or just enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in the Restaurant.


The diversity and the functionality of the Infinity BaBH building is a reflection of the city, and so it’s a natural extension of the city into the monumental bay area, providing the perfect spot to connect to the knowledge sources and to have a full cultural experience of the intellectual and cultural diversity which is inherent in SF.

Project collaboration with architect Yossi Metzger

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